Where did the feeling go?



A couple days ago a young boy purchased a meet and greet for one of Piece of Me show and gave her idol a letter he wrote.

He then said when the meet and greets were over Britneys bodyguard ran up to him and Britney requested for his address so she can write back to him and Britney said that the letter meant so much to her.


Well now the young fan got a letter back from Britney. It is said:


Dear David,

I was so happy to receive your letter. I was very happy to hear about how courageous you’ve been about being openly gay. I’ve always been told as long as you know in your heart that’s what matter most. I try to follow my heart and my dreams every day of my life and i that’s why I am where I am today. It means so much to me to have a fan like you who takes the time to sit and write me such a touching letter. Your letter was both touching and sincere. I wish you nothing but the best in the future hope you keep smiling.

Shine Bright Always,

Britney Spears

This woman is an angel, that’s why i love her <3

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Is it too late to try to be myspace famous

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1.2 1.12

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my grandpa is always making fun of old people he sees like he’s not 85

he goes “wow today was old folks day at olive garden” i was like yeah grandpa that’s why we brought you there at 4:30pm

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MTV: When Sex Goes Pop: Celebs react to Britney Spears’ 2000 VMA performance

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grammy experience.

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